SNT/BTC market

The exchange rate of SNT to BTC, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 18 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkStatus
Coin2 Name LinkBitcoin
Volume Usd8062272
Exchanges qty18
Avg Price0.103993


Full list and rating of exchanges trade Status for the Bitcoin.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1Binance39228900.0897650.29% Long ago
2Coineal19526340.0249510.87% Long ago
3Upbit6278320.0887980.11% Long ago
4Bittrex5298220.0232762.19% Long ago
5IDAX3248390.0787170.83% Long ago
6IDCM2994770.0400580.46% Long ago
7Bitfinex1918090.212180.01% Long ago
8Huobi835740.0255010.03% Long ago
9Ethfinex458810.0216922.07% Long ago
10Kucoin402530.2035550.05% Long ago
11GOPAX140830.2117140.01% Long ago
12Trade.io125280.0183822.28% Long ago
13Gate.io101790.2041450.01% Long ago
14Liqui31810.0238142.58% Long ago
15Neraex20860.0250260.03% Long ago
16BITBOX6110.0222120.1% Long ago
17Cobinhood4560.2059430.05% Long ago
18Gatecoin2130.3538940.01% Long ago