BTC/BRL market

The exchange rate of BTC to BRL, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 170 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkBitcoin
Coin2 Name LinkBrazilian Real
Volume Usd243200620
Exchanges qty170
Avg Price7455.84


Full list and rating of exchanges trade Bitcoin for the Brazilian Real.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1Tidex139325006341.41100% Long ago
2GetBTC121850006548.84100% Long ago
3Exrates1147960010548.8100% Long ago
4RightBTC1019780010478.4100% Long ago
5BtcTrade.im988072010251.5100% Long ago
6TOPBTC79346009298.3100% Long ago
7xBTCe76526909883.71100% Long ago
8Qryptos76075309716.04100% Long ago
9C2CX724158010935.2100% Long ago
10CoolCoin65461008621100% Long ago
11Fatbtc55947508186.77100% Long ago
12CoinEx52785208980.87100% Long ago
13Bits Blockchain44879509024.4100% Long ago
14Mercatox41876809650.01100% Long ago
15Bitinka39464906782.657.57% Recently
16Lbank39291108586.21100% Long ago
17Hotbit34377308888.27100% Long ago
18BCEX30250107064.91100% Long ago
19OTCBTC29567108216.37100% Long ago
20fex28379108805.96100% Long ago
21BitShares Asset Exchange28134709414.16100% Long ago
22AEX28097407626.35100% Long ago
23Trade By Trade24927109382.5100% Long ago
24BitGrail24165408436.44100% Long ago
25Sistemkoin24063407489.49100% Long ago
26Simex23734408699.94100% Long ago
27MBAex22457509025.41100% Long ago
28Coinroom21803507889.95100% Long ago
29BTC-Alpha20450707308.06100% Long ago
30Ovis18988907831.35100% Long ago
31ChaoEX18877706679.93100% Long ago
32Rfinex18051106784.28100% Long ago
33Waves Decentralized Exchange17968107142.47100% Long ago
34IDEX16712109573.39100% Long ago
35Coindeal16216906599.62100% Long ago
36QBTC15927606739.84100% Long ago
37BX Thailand14743607795.76100% Long ago
38BuyBitcoin14288607033.06100% Long ago
39Negocie Coins14039407643.0899.64% Recently
40Bitonic13870406011.4100% Long ago
41BL3P13870406011.4100% Long ago
42Koineks13870006011.22100% Long ago
43DSX13869706011.09100% Long ago
44BigONE13869706011.09100% Long ago
45Zebpay13869706011.09100% Long ago
46Bithesap13869706011.09100% Long ago
47Paribu13869706011.09100% Long ago
48Cryptonex13869506011.03100% Long ago
49Luno13869506011.03100% Long ago
50Iquant13868906010.76100% Long ago