EOS/BTC market

The exchange rate of EOS to BTC, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 49 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkEOS
Coin2 Name LinkBitcoin
Volume Usd464177644
Exchanges qty49
Avg Price4.65571


Full list and rating of exchanges trade EOS for the Bitcoin.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1ZB.COM573691232.7818.88% Long ago
2HitBTC526175913.789.6% Long ago
3DOBI trade504116203.7642.72% Long ago
4IDAX432390523.787.38% Long ago
5RightBTC413052743.7813.49% Long ago
6Huobi Global371715943.76.89% Long ago
7DOBI Exchange307908973.7832.13% Long ago
8OKEx208522953.782.86% Long ago
9Binance198405273.792.43% Long ago
10Bit-Z169992303.783.04% Long ago
11CoinTiger164516483.76.58% Long ago
12DigiFinex151283493.822.02% Long ago
13IDCM146217353.795.32% Long ago
14Coineal91069393.781.38% Long ago
15BitMart73538703.782.35% Long ago
16BITKER66805453.83.55% Long ago
1755 Global Markets49246353.783.73% Long ago
18Huobi25060983.740.49% Long ago
19BW23931803.720.39% Long ago
20Bitfinex20986673.581.46% Long ago
21DragonEX19885273.751.04% Long ago
22Gate.io19045708.991.86% Long ago
23CoinMex18933193.73.79% Long ago
24Coindeal13597293.7911.36% Long ago
25Poloniex9524262.162.42% Long ago
26Kryptono7070073.782.08% Long ago
27Coinsuper6444292.660.43% Long ago
28Bibox5520463.440.18% Long ago
29Exmo45492715.882.02% Long ago
30Kraken4446805.150.58% Long ago
31COSS2814523.793.38% Long ago
32BtcTrade.im2656223.794.51% Long ago
33BigONE2057163.772.12% Long ago
34Mercatox1263202.892.17% Long ago
35Hotbit11242314.932.21% Long ago
36Livecoin1003423.810.98% Long ago
37C2CX813833.891.52% Long ago
38CHAOEX811332.420.22% Long ago
39CPDAX680803.411.59% Long ago
40GBX Digital Asset Exchange563943.786.36% Long ago
41Cobinhood1232013.322.96% Long ago
42Coinbe58963.870.91% Long ago
43Kuna48082.881.25% Long ago
44Crex24443210.772.84% Long ago
45CoinExchange36442.281.92% Long ago
46OTCBTC18803.746.4% Long ago
47OpenLedger DEX7373.760.05% Long ago
48Coinrail5093.077.6% Long ago
49Koinex2410.460.02% Long ago