EOS/BTC market

The exchange rate of EOS to BTC, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 65 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkEOS
Coin2 Name LinkBitcoin
Volume Usd788476199
Exchanges qty65
Avg Price5.41631


Full list and rating of exchanges trade EOS for the Bitcoin.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1Binance800052197.694.43% Long ago
2HitBTC564752794.324.31% Long ago
3Bibox521081804.34% Long ago
4BITKER500170614.324.32% Long ago
5OKEx498324084.32.57% Long ago
6IDAX476829334.323.05% Long ago
7DigiFinex366979144.322.06% Long ago
8Fatbtc354244824.662.94% Long ago
9Hotbit350138324.333.53% Long ago
10IDCM311275964.683.7% Long ago
11BitForex305600844.672.17% Long ago
12RightBTC231474684.483.38% Long ago
13Huobi226969347.340.84% Long ago
14CoinTiger213093906.412.48% Long ago
15ZB.COM208136145.862.78% Long ago
16Dcoin202805404.322.41% Long ago
17DOBI trade193504086.831.52% Long ago
18Huobi Global192302445.742.33% Long ago
19Coineal182871384.321.37% Long ago
20KuCoin149467916.225.17% Long ago
21CoinBene129868715.920.75% Long ago
22Bitfinex126206014.682.6% Long ago
23Bit-Z105040815.90.75% Long ago
2455 Global Markets92782318.312.01% Long ago
25BitMart86525774.321% Long ago
26Kryptono70098114.326.71% Long ago
27Coinall70091454.326.49% Long ago
28CoinMex50070304.324.36% Long ago
29BW.com37619217.020.47% Long ago
30CoinEx37454294.323.68% Long ago
31Cat.Ex32780624.292.36% Long ago
32Huobi Korea26457916.493.66% Long ago
33BitMax26068327.70.15% Long ago
34BW23931803.720.39% Long ago
35DragonEX19885273.751.04% Long ago
36Gate.io19045708.991.86% Long ago
37Iquant16075864.653.79% Long ago
38Hanbitco11903674.541% Long ago
39Coindeal10088284.317% Long ago
40Poloniex8126314.71.65% Long ago
41Exmo7589418.262.14% Long ago
42Coinsuper6444292.660.43% Long ago
43GDAX5261957.090.14% Long ago
44Kraken4446805.150.58% Long ago
45BtcTrade.im2082354.221.98% Long ago
46Livecoin1517455.880.55% Long ago
47DOBI Exchange1341457.042.62% Long ago
48BigONE1275954.321.17% Long ago
49Mercatox1145994.251.72% Long ago
50CHAOEX811332.420.22% Long ago