DOGE/BTC market

The exchange rate of DOGE to BTC, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 50 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkDogecoin
Coin2 Name LinkBitcoin
Volume Usd32750250
Exchanges qty50
Avg Price0.0035019


Full list and rating of exchanges trade Dogecoin for the Bitcoin.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1ZB.COM33844390.0065670.76% Long ago
2QBTC32415800.005892100% Long ago
3COSS31760900.00608100% Long ago
4RippleFox31624200.005909100% Long ago
5Bitbns29518300.005866100% Long ago
6DSX28749900.005875100% Long ago
7Mercado Bitcoin26326600.005859100% Long ago
8HitBTC23216830.002270.81% Long ago
9P2PB2B20521270.0024083.12% Long ago
10Bittrex12703130.0025093.17% Long ago
11CoinEgg12574250.0024953.37% Long ago
12Upbit10673430.0042741.71% Long ago
13Kraken10367370.0061990.96% Long ago
14Gate.io6385030.0057151.9% Long ago
15Bitcoin Indonesia4056360.0033253.28% Long ago
16Exmo3735390.0061531.62% Long ago
17Poloniex3675180.0020293.22% Long ago
18Livecoin2416740.0064421.07% Long ago
19Indodax1376990.0025882.64% Long ago
20YoBit496320.0020290.39% Long ago
21BtcTrade.im278000.0019250.49% Long ago
22Crex24161080.0019023.61% Long ago
23STEX114620.0023091.9% Long ago
24CoinExchange93000.0020064.26% Long ago
25BX Thailand84970.0019920.5% Long ago
26Mercatox55530.0053821.51% Long ago
27TradeOgre41790.0018731.98% Long ago
28Stocks.Exchange40040.0020160.03% Long ago
29OpenLedger DEX32220.0021092.03% Long ago
30Coinsquare24780.0020060.03% Long ago
31CryptoBridge24000.0061770.26% Long ago
32Tidex19750.0023170.06% Long ago
33Graviex17720.0020241.94% Long ago
34Tripe Dice Exchange11260.00200636.62% Long ago
35Trade Satoshi9730.0020462.48% Long ago
36Novaexchange9510.00204613.11% Long ago
37C-Patex7390.00204610.66% Long ago
38Coinrate6370.004224100% Long ago
39GuldenTrader6360.004219100% Long ago
40SouthXchange6140.0020069.35% Long ago
41Bleutrade5350.0020460.9% Long ago
42Altilly4440.0020384.98% Long ago
43C-CEX3410.0019750.34% Long ago
44FreiExchange2560.0019665.51% Long ago
45CoinFalcon1230.0020720.31% Long ago
46alcurEX1190.00358699.94% Long ago
47Bitibu1140.0020980.02% Long ago
48BitGrail490.00460114.95% Long ago
49Coinhouse40.0049380.18% Long ago
50Coingi10.006663.96% Long ago