XRP/USDT market

The exchange rate of XRP to USDT, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 39 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkXRP
Coin2 Name LinkTether
Volume Usd317602890
Exchanges qty39
Avg Price0.33286


Full list and rating of exchanges trade XRP for the Tether.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1Fatbtc297262010.3224314.98% Long ago
2Bit-Z291846320.3208045.22% Long ago
3HitBTC269715220.3205884.92% Long ago
4Binance253966070.3185472.64% Long ago
5ZB.COM196634970.3225692.68% Long ago
6Huobi Global193878580.3184963.8% Long ago
7BW.com191261140.3201943.1% Long ago
8OKEx179527470.3210082.46% Long ago
9DigiFinex151153420.3207022.6% Long ago
10BCEX139643300.2997563.55% Long ago
11BW132287170.3187882.73% Long ago
12IDCM118842340.3212624.33% Long ago
13IDAX108284570.3209471.85% Long ago
14Huobi102404450.3170332.02% Long ago
15BitMart102213430.3209063.27% Long ago
16BitForex96970020.3176061.54% Long ago
17CoinBene73799660.3174671.15% Long ago
18CoinTiger60735300.317692.43% Long ago
19DragonEX58996270.3209062.98% Long ago
20CoinEgg35915570.3199912.11% Long ago
21CoinMex25124830.3208046.68% Long ago
22B2BX18423610.3187453.68% Long ago
23Sistemkoin15017820.3222322.29% Long ago
24BitMax11702200.3177360.04% Long ago
25Bittrex11405090.3295642.38% Long ago
26Gate.io11056350.3180543.06% Long ago
27BITKER10859540.3190911.44% Long ago
28Bitrue4735970.4194252.94% Long ago
29Poloniex3207530.3222651.71% Long ago
30MBAex2994340.3196866.32% Long ago
31C2CX2559820.3233462.89% Long ago
32Upbit2099300.4886440.04% Long ago
33Stocks.Exchange507160.3224670.64% Long ago
34STEX296170.5232863.06% Long ago
35Bitbns233480.3161346.4% Long ago
36WazirX179600.31826210.23% Long ago
37OTCBTC50880.3352375.25% Long ago
38OpenLedger DEX4990.3188310.09% Long ago
39BITBOX150.353764.77% Long ago