ZEC/BTC market

The exchange rate of ZEC to BTC, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 43 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkZcash
Coin2 Name LinkBitcoin
Volume Usd77094125
Exchanges qty43
Avg Price183.588


Full list and rating of exchanges trade Zcash for the Bitcoin.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1Binance29143100354.042.02% Long ago
2Bitfinex13351500338.291.59% Long ago
3LBank7487495124.184.4% Recently
4YoBit5716646123.3719.85% Recently
5HitBTC5133275127.221.63% Long ago
6BCEX4889414117.83.08% Long ago
7Bit-Z3060766123.962.3% Recently
8Huobi1751770179.620.2% Long ago
9Bittrex1410788130.432.31% Long ago
10Sistemkoin1022295127.633.72% Long ago
11Kraken820725126.531.41% Long ago
12Exmo641805129.782.07% Long ago
13Instant Bitex506231121.129.86% Long ago
14Bitinka436218111.582.03% Long ago
15Cryptopia330314363.552.6% Long ago
16Poloniex321156124.712.95% Long ago
17C2CX106376130.260.54% Long ago
18CoinEx105398315.571.44% Long ago
19WEX98814662.6512.28% Recently
20Trade By Trade97852126.020.56% Long ago
21Trade By Trade97280125.290.55% Recently
22Waves Decentralized Exchange71628124.093.47% Recently
23BTC-Alpha60376137.781.48% Long ago
24Upbit54487178.420.01% Long ago
25BiteBTC53845157.770.62% Long ago
26BigONE48999117.761.1% Long ago
27OKEx47943179.550.01% Long ago
28CEX.IO44836174.061.88% Long ago
29GOPAX42370160.320.66% Long ago
30Gate.io36261419.590.05% Long ago
31Gemini28653123.820.72% Recently
32OTCBTC18788116.13.64% Long ago
33Coinut15265124.81.64% Recently
34Crex2414725122.443.15% Long ago
35BX Thailand12440121.211.29% Long ago
36Trade Satoshi7289126.371.54% Long ago
37The Rock Trading3692123.052.26% Recently
38Allcoin2157276.050.02% Long ago
39C-CEX179412.140.02% Long ago
40CoinExchange87154.30.01% Long ago
41Graviex42160.730.16% Long ago
42Braziliex38175.980.13% Long ago
43Tux Exchange7123.4119.47% Long ago