FRGC/USD market

The exchange rate of FRGC to USD, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 139 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkFargocoin
Coin2 Name LinkU.S. Dollar
Volume Usd98849387
Exchanges qty139
Avg Price4.39885


Full list and rating of exchanges trade Fargocoin for the U.S. Dollar.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1Waves Decentralized Exchange27030009.01100% Long ago
2ChaoEX27030009.01100% Long ago
3MBAex27030009.01100% Long ago
4fex27030009.01100% Long ago
5Mercatox24327009.01100% Long ago
6Coinrail24327009.01100% Long ago
7BuyBitcoin24327009.01100% Long ago
8Luno21870007.29100% Long ago
9C2CX19371509.01100% Long ago
10Tidebit18020009.01100% Long ago
11BTC Markets18020009.01100% Long ago
12Sistemkoin18020009.01100% Long ago
13RightBTC18020009.01100% Long ago
14OEX18020009.01100% Long ago
15BTC-Alpha18020009.01100% Long ago
16CoinExchange18020009.01100% Long ago
17BitShares Asset Exchange18020009.01100% Long ago
18CoinEx18020009.01100% Long ago
19IDEX18020009.01100% Long ago
20IDAX15317009.01100% Long ago
21AEX15317009.01100% Long ago
22Unocoin15317009.01100% Long ago
23BigONE15317009.01100% Long ago
24Rfinex14580007.29100% Long ago
25DSX14580007.29100% Long ago
26CoinBene14580007.29100% Long ago
27Cryptonex14580007.29100% Long ago
28Coinnest14580007.29100% Long ago
29BX Thailand14580007.29100% Long ago
30OOOBTC12614009.01100% Long ago
31Bithesap12396004.29100% Long ago
32QuadrigaCX12393007.29100% Long ago
33Coinroom11713009.01100% Long ago
34COSS10296004.29100% Long ago
35Fatbtc10039508.73100% Long ago
36Zebpay9792003.57100% Long ago
37BTCTurk9792003.57100% Long ago
38Mr. Exchange9010009.01100% Long ago
39Stronghold9010009.01100% Long ago
40QBTC9010009.01100% Long ago
41Paradex9010009.01100% Long ago
42Allcoin9010009.01100% Long ago
43Neraex9010009.01100% Long ago
44Coinhub9010009.01100% Long ago
45CoinEx Market9010009.01100% Long ago
46BuyUcoin9010009.01100% Long ago
47EtherDelta9010009.01100% Long ago
48Trade By Trade8625008.79100% Long ago
49BitcoinTrade8580004.29100% Long ago
50LocalTrade8580004.29100% Long ago