XLM/BTC market

The exchange rate of XLM to BTC, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 55 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkStellar
Coin2 Name LinkBitcoin
Volume Usd101545260
Exchanges qty55
Avg Price0.145529


Full list and rating of exchanges trade Stellar for the Bitcoin.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1HitBTC329481630.0858512.52% Long ago
2Fatbtc249336440.0785033.05% Long ago
3Binance149105480.1135022.13% Long ago
4LATOKEN73465310.0582020.88% Long ago
5Exrates26528050.0795651.37% Long ago
6Kryptono23942270.0589132.77% Long ago
7CoinBene22726730.1078180.37% Long ago
8BitMart22232230.2456342.95% Long ago
9CoinEgg21168350.1114431.24% Long ago
10BitMax20162370.1133260.04% Long ago
11Bittrex18378520.1315093.33% Long ago
12Exmo10466800.2093172.88% Long ago
13Kraken10053700.1023191.67% Long ago
14UPbit9410570.0994511.27% Long ago
15Bitrabbit6637370.0578020.6% Long ago
16WhiteBit5782170.0588093.1% Long ago
17GDAX2448920.0629720.12% Long ago
18B2BX1984870.0979630.5% Long ago
19Cryptology1962550.0589132.28% Long ago
20Livecoin1764960.0590170.83% Long ago
21DOBI Exchange1621750.0699380.09% Long ago
22CEX.IO1292310.1312182.61% Long ago
23Huobi1221610.0614040.01% Long ago
24Stocks.Exchange1008370.0618231.54% Long ago
25OKEx1003280.1991010.02% Long ago
26Vebitcoin619640.1209563.8% Long ago
27Tokenomy329430.0587056.01% Long ago
28COSS276440.0610780.56% Long ago
29Trade.io249910.1232742.85% Long ago
30C2CX198020.0592252.81% Long ago
31Stronghold189810.0833612.29% Long ago
32Qryptos169000.3939120.61% Long ago
33GOPAX99470.1439150.12% Long ago
34GBX Digital Asset Exchange28760.0634140.57% Long ago
35Coinsquare17230.0590170.02% Long ago
36Bitmaszyna14410.241259100% Long ago
37Nanex13730.251194100% Long ago
38Gatecoin11250.252314100% Long ago
39FreiExchange10540.252657100% Long ago
40Coinrate10440.250163100% Long ago
41Bithumb Singapore7750.0580820.01% Long ago
42GuldenTrader5350.242173100% Long ago
43Tripe Dice Exchange4650.258817100% Long ago
44Tux Exchange3130.233849100% Long ago
45Novaexchange1930.243171100% Long ago
46BarterDEX1900.241361100% Long ago
47C-Patex1170.233956100% Long ago
48Heat Wallet1160.232456100% Long ago
49OTCBTC370.0616720.13% Long ago
50Radar Relay250.256412100% Long ago