PAI/ETH market

The exchange rate of PAI to ETH, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 9 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkProject Pai
Coin2 Name LinkEthereum
Volume Usd11927916
Exchanges qty9
Avg Price0.0562007


Full list and rating of exchanges trade Project Pai for the Ethereum.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1LBank74127170.0417333.44% Long ago
2Bibox36209300.1877061.39% Long ago
3Hotbit6858260.0994112.24% Long ago
4Huobi1076650.0490330.02% Long ago
5Bilaxy688300.0102842.25% Long ago
6IDEX234670.0136733.09% Long ago
7Huobi (HBUS)71610.0457232.24% Long ago
8Switcheo Network12970.0094861.97% Long ago
9HBUS230.0487570.02% Long ago