BCH/USD market

The exchange rate of BCH to USD, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 25 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkBitcoin Cash
Coin2 Name LinkU.S. Dollar
Volume Usd326822640
Exchanges qty25
Avg Price389.096


Full list and rating of exchanges trade Bitcoin Cash for the U.S. Dollar.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1Bitfinex91232164415.337.08% Long ago
2RightBTC80418891366.17.93% Long ago
3GDAX58084024394.4811.07% Long ago
4P2PB2B44782461366.96.73% Long ago
5Coinbase Pro18611938366.697.44% Long ago
6Coinsuper9142517416.583.93% Long ago
7Bitinka8345637285.082.37% Long ago
8Kraken4625580367.62.57% Long ago
9Bitstamp4305363366.653.94% Long ago
10Gemini2463607366.6213.15% Long ago
11ExtStock1591909359.663.86% Long ago
12OKCoin International776485387.974.62% Long ago
13Exmo7385413621.85% Long ago
14OKCoin275706363.983.35% Long ago
15Exrates2214861015.622.12% Long ago
16CEX.IO1716073723.46% Long ago
17BiteBTC136766449.150.91% Long ago
18Livecoin135849372.930.82% Long ago
19Liquid120526389.030.02% Long ago
20WEX113154578.186.59% Long ago
21Liquid105802284.620.04% Long ago
22Cryptology5015995.81.35% Long ago
23Coinhub41245441.150.34% Long ago
24B2BX9512248.140.02% Long ago
25SouthXchange1752299.661.14% Long ago