BTC/TRY market

The exchange rate of BTC to TRY, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 167 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkBitcoin
Coin2 Name LinkTurkish Lira
Volume Usd545728722
Exchanges qty167
Avg Price7097.75


Full list and rating of exchanges trade Bitcoin for the Turkish Lira.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1Coinbene226861008291.36100% Long ago
2GetBTC137194008212.25100% Long ago
3Exrates136488008456.38100% Long ago
4xBTCe128029008044.95100% Long ago
5BtcTrade.im107915009187.32100% Long ago
6Omicrex105244007403.99100% Long ago
7Sistemkoin104133303440.1218.01% Recently
8Hotbit103403008257.07100% Long ago
9BitForex102985009492.43100% Long ago
10MBAex102084008240.35100% Long ago
11Lbank1001450010797.7100% Long ago
12Coinbe96417508091.84100% Long ago
13Korbit94388016048.11100% Long ago
14Octaex93648007715.78100% Long ago
15CPDAX91314346085.07100% Long ago
16Bitcoin Indonesia89816007182.69100% Long ago
17Coinsquare88404026148.78100% Long ago
18Liqui85960516076.58100% Long ago
19TOPBTC85858307432.14100% Long ago
20Bitinka79094007447.44100% Long ago
21EtherDelta78983908573.38100% Long ago
22CoolCoin77074808580.74100% Long ago
23InfinityCoin Exchange70013007274.83100% Long ago
24C2CX68553809348.66100% Long ago
25Trade By Trade67159135929.43100% Long ago
26RightBTC66197607930.9100% Long ago
27Mercatox65259746463.34100% Long ago
28BuyUcoin64066709316.48100% Long ago
29ChaoEX63735646073.01100% Long ago
30BiteBTC62952236129.72100% Long ago
31BTC-Alpha59527266868.19100% Long ago
32BuyBitcoin57488509144.32100% Long ago
33Fatbtc53753106791.64100% Long ago
34Qryptos51316345958.84100% Long ago
35Indodax51310126570.13100% Long ago
36CoinEx Market48230726522.51100% Long ago
37fex47908508042.79100% Long ago
38DOBI trade47227107190.7100% Long ago
39IDAX46433406637.89100% Long ago
40Instant Bitex46150056550.38100% Long ago
41BitBay46104207272.41100% Long ago
42Cryptopia45316596549.87100% Long ago
43Rfinex41240486547.77100% Long ago
44EXX39972337077.25100% Long ago
45OOOBTC36585026954.67100% Long ago
46Bitsane35048186645.84100% Long ago
47CEX.IO34815596625.74100% Long ago
48Tokenomy34414257354.57100% Long ago
49Gatecoin34147408468.48100% Long ago
50BCEX33872306846.76100% Long ago