GXS/CNY market

The exchange rate of GXS to CNY, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 96 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkGXChain
Coin2 Name LinkChinese Yuan
Volume Usd141989589
Exchanges qty96
Avg Price3.82073


Full list and rating of exchanges trade GXChain for the Chinese Yuan.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1CoolCoin50965604.93100% Long ago
2BitGrail50962704.93100% Long ago
3Vebitcoin39691504.97100% Long ago
4Koinex37971504.83100% Long ago
5Lbank37971504.83100% Long ago
6Coinsquare37949004.82100% Long ago
7IDEX37949004.82100% Long ago
8Stellar Decentralized Exchange37949004.82100% Long ago
9Negocie Coins35170504.94100% Long ago
10BTCTurk35167604.94100% Long ago
11BitShares Asset Exchange34759504.84100% Long ago
12CoinEx34558804.92100% Long ago
13OpenLedger DEX33832603.28100% Long ago
14Simex24712204.61100% Long ago
15Trade By Trade24420004.06100% Long ago
16Qryptos24026704.47100% Long ago
17BTC-Alpha23840203.96100% Long ago
18EtherDelta23626604.43100% Long ago
19DSX23216204.1100% Long ago
20SouthXchange23166404.05100% Long ago
21ACX23125904.1100% Long ago
22Koineks22955104.07100% Long ago
23RightBTC20760503.59100% Long ago
24Mr. Exchange20734003.61100% Long ago
25Bancor Network20485404.34100% Long ago
26ChaoEX20413704.32100% Long ago
27Bleutrade16713104.07100% Long ago
28C-CEX16483203.92100% Long ago
29Coinfloor16483203.92100% Long ago
30Stronghold16044102.95100% Long ago
31The Rock Trading15920003.09100% Long ago
32ForkDelta15125803.05100% Long ago
33BitMarket15089103.05100% Long ago
34IDAX14961002.86100% Long ago
35OasisDEX14947802.85100% Long ago
36Coinroom14947802.85100% Long ago
37RippleFox14877702.94100% Long ago
38COSS14843402.85100% Long ago
39BL3P14766703.06100% Long ago
40Tidebit14668402.89100% Long ago
41CryptoBridge14456504.11100% Long ago
42OkCoin Intl.14378003100% Long ago
43OTCBTC14291802.95100% Long ago
44Coinrail14286003.01100% Long ago
45BitcoinTrade14241703.01100% Long ago
46Trade Satoshi14210402.93100% Long ago
47Gatehub14208302.93100% Long ago
48LiteBit.eu14208302.93100% Long ago
49Coinut14207002.93100% Long ago
50Mercatox14189002.92100% Long ago