BTC/INR market

The exchange rate of BTC to INR, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 71 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkBitcoin
Coin2 Name LinkIndian Rupee
Volume Usd30815963
Exchanges qty71
Avg Price7558.77


Full list and rating of exchanges trade Bitcoin for the Indian Rupee.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1Cryptonex216463123993.243.59% Long ago
2Zebpay12190916477.2163.57% Long ago
3CoinFalcon4078369253.73100% Long ago
4Fargobase3823198390.23100% Long ago
5RightBTC3816537773.02100% Long ago
6Trade Satoshi3802458265.52100% Long ago
7Mercatox3706089029.75100% Long ago
8OpenLedger DEX3192606308.15100% Long ago
9BuyBitcoin2760588665.635.28% Long ago
10ACX2746846155.03100% Long ago
11Waves Decentralized Exchange2728445856.15100% Long ago
12Coinrate2429305847.28100% Long ago
13Kuna2255086007.69100% Long ago
14Nanex2028125262.98100% Long ago
15OasisDEX2004756107.62100% Long ago
16AidosMarket1986386007.7100% Long ago
17Stellar Decentralized Exchange1669985822.65100% Long ago
18BCEX15800710745.2100% Long ago
19EtherDelta1483699129.37100% Long ago
20Iquant14511310899.4100% Long ago
21BTC Trade UA1442086079.11100% Long ago
22Stocks.Exchange1253966115.31100% Long ago
23BitGrail1047789309100% Long ago
24Braziliex1047026115.3100% Long ago
25IDAX1025417534.4100% Long ago
26Token Store1020057379.81100% Long ago
27BitFlip1013307533.56100% Long ago
28TDAX988836315.43100% Long ago
29Bitmaszyna982077322.51100% Long ago
30CryptoMarket968527277.19100% Long ago
31ETHEXIndia9607910810.8100% Long ago
32Coinut950867074.21100% Long ago
33Stellarport950108614.22100% Long ago
34alcurEX9028811145.4100% Long ago
35Lendconnect897567840.94100% Long ago
36Bitstamp (Ripple Gateway)864206238.66100% Long ago
37InfinityCoin Exchange794266468.07100% Long ago
38Rfinex791297757.64100% Long ago
39Bittylicious733206238.65100% Long ago
40SurBTC675986239.1100% Long ago
41Tux Exchange659458348.04100% Long ago
42SouthXchange648676239.1100% Long ago
43Gatecoin621646285.2100% Long ago
44Nocks606657548.78100% Long ago
45Bitsane605687320.64100% Long ago
46Coinhouse5655110631.9100% Long ago
47CoinCorner557938143.85100% Long ago
48TradeOgre535566707.04100% Long ago
49Mr. Exchange527196485.49100% Long ago
50BitcoinToYou522877571.16100% Long ago