BTC/PLN market

The exchange rate of BTC to PLN, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 45 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkBitcoin
Coin2 Name LinkPolish Zloty
Volume Usd4558254
Exchanges qty45
Avg Price6694.36


Full list and rating of exchanges trade Bitcoin for the Polish Zloty.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1BitBay28009533968.0288.06% Long ago
2Coinroom6933444015.7722.32% Long ago
3Exmo51697883220.62% Long ago
4Coindeal2669783718.822.91% Long ago
5BitMarket474713983.8792.15% Long ago
6Cryptohub244868117.96100% Long ago
7OEX232668125.11100% Long ago
8Coinbe225338117.96100% Long ago
9Cryptox199287584.45100% Long ago
10OKCoin.cn175667461.96100% Long ago
11CryptoMarket155818477.14100% Long ago
12Mr. Exchange127358288.86100% Long ago
13Nanex107937248.02100% Long ago
14Bitstamp (Ripple Gateway)107837274.14100% Long ago
15Bisq107677175.33100% Long ago
16Cryptomate107217199.48100% Long ago
17AirSwap82157205.61100% Long ago
18Bitlish78768192.36100% Long ago
19Nocks75668168.23100% Long ago
20TCC Exchange47447534.81100% Long ago
21Paradex39628300.05100% Long ago
22LocalTrade36227712.11100% Long ago
23Bit2C27928321.58100% Long ago
24Orionx12267419.59100% Long ago
25FreiExchange11686419.38100% Long ago
26Tripe Dice Exchange9196427.46100% Long ago
27Tux Exchange7676400.72100% Long ago
28Coingi3376324.76100% Long ago
29Novaexchange3326339.72100% Long ago
30cfinex2366349.72100% Long ago
31Stronghold2095959.89100% Long ago
32GuldenTrader365872.96100% Long ago
33Bitmaszyna325874.56100% Long ago
34Bitex.la325873.2100% Long ago
35ISX325872.96100% Long ago
36Coinrate325874.56100% Long ago
37RuDEX325873.2100% Long ago
38Heat Wallet325873.2100% Long ago
39C-Patex325873.89100% Long ago
40Bits Blockchain325872.96100% Long ago
41BarterDEX136421.32100% Long ago
42ExcambrioRex136511.03100% Long ago
43Radar Relay136422.28100% Long ago
44LEOxChange66549.19100% Long ago
45Zebpay46342.58100% Long ago