LTC/BTC market

The exchange rate of LTC to BTC, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 120 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkLitecoin
Coin2 Name LinkBitcoin
Volume Usd841023894
Exchanges qty120
Avg Price61.7523


Full list and rating of exchanges trade Litecoin for the Bitcoin.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1Coineal16758326060.2625.45% Long ago
2DigiFinex9487951960.2916.32% Long ago
3IDAX5580308960.259.52% Long ago
4BITKER5516539069.2129.31% Long ago
5P2PB2B4854890960.2311.06% Long ago
6OKEx4341761160.265.96% Long ago
7DOBI Exchange4307401060.2544.95% Long ago
8HitBTC3351210960.226.11% Long ago
9CoinEgg3046904760.5117.91% Long ago
10Bit-Z3008779360.215.38% Long ago
1155 Global Markets2402197360.2418.18% Long ago
12RightBTC2316575860.257.57% Long ago
13Binance1936310661.642.23% Long ago
14CoinBene1611389460.242.66% Long ago
15Fatbtc1484433162.993.08% Long ago
16Coinsuper1356224260.256.52% Long ago
17Exrates1211033260.257.46% Long ago
18CHAOEX1086134857.165.83% Long ago
19Bibox948587260.21.63% Long ago
20IDCM938553060.283.42% Long ago
21Huobi Global935719055.761.61% Long ago
22Coinsbit696203260.2415.53% Long ago
23CoinTiger683518060.252.67% Long ago
24LBank636092633.262.37% Long ago
25Iquant489755360.535.71% Long ago
26OOOBTC430004560.214.99% Long ago
27BW353267757.350.51% Long ago
28STEX321328960.3932.67% Long ago
29Bitinka316742060.163.12% Long ago
30TOPBTC280784062.33.03% Long ago
31BtcTrade.im280630460.4647.65% Long ago
32Stocks.Exchange228709860.4429.07% Long ago
33DOBI trade202515760.071.72% Long ago
34Huobi186851359.660.37% Long ago
35Coinbase Pro151923460.222.37% Long ago
36CoinMex150821534.292.28% Long ago
37Sistemkoin150069132.992.69% Long ago
38Kraken1465820131.210.85% Long ago
39GDAX145150460.62.06% Long ago
40B2BX139510659.942.78% Long ago
41CoinsBank106784560.213.57% Long ago
42Bitfinex98989860.221.17% Long ago
43Bittrex97900160.222.25% Long ago
44Livecoin95497860.077.91% Long ago
45Bitlish89921660.552.93% Long ago
46Trade By Trade85720960.275.76% Long ago
47Trade By Trade85301259.975.75% Long ago
48Coinsquare79461560.2210.93% Long ago
49YoBit77458560.426.83% Long ago
50Bitsane68606459.969.61% Long ago