BTC/CAD market

The exchange rate of BTC to CAD, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 141 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkBitcoin
Coin2 Name LinkCanadian Dollar
Volume Usd9879020
Exchanges qty141
Avg Price5539.04


Full list and rating of exchanges trade Bitcoin for the Canadian Dollar.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1Kraken10857883894.092.05% Long ago
2QuadrigaCX3143823996.5165.8% Long ago
3IDAX3092668347.62100% Long ago
4Simex3014978935.38100% Long ago
5Waves Decentralized Exchange2978668167100% Long ago
6Bitbns2715613821.53100% Long ago
7OasisDEX2559748779.41100% Long ago
8Unocoin2328378779.41100% Long ago
9Trade By Trade1800546609.03100% Long ago
10Koineks1678893437.38100% Long ago
11Stronghold1664973437.43100% Long ago
12Kuna1471483438.32100% Long ago
13OpenLedger DEX1470913439.52100% Long ago
14Altcoin Trader1427423438.87100% Long ago
15BitMarket1425533437.4100% Long ago
16Crex241415726853.23100% Long ago
17CoinMate1303776836.81100% Long ago
18Graviex1291113433.85100% Long ago
19Coinall1252403912.14100% Long ago
20The Rock Trading1223746689.52100% Long ago
21Mercado Bitcoin1221586836.81100% Long ago
22Bitibu1181334023.7100% Long ago
23Tidebit1165963977.95100% Long ago
24Stellar Decentralized Exchange1126656733.54100% Long ago
25Coinhouse11119110179.3100% Long ago
26Stocks.Exchange1111856936.72100% Long ago
27Trade Satoshi1074964015.84100% Long ago
28Stellarport1023537130.65100% Long ago
29BitGrail1008388900.69100% Long ago
30WazirX973267366.16100% Long ago
31TDAX913146436.95100% Long ago
32ETHEXIndia8927110377.4100% Long ago
33DDEX873963758.9100% Long ago
34OTCBTC872453437.07100% Long ago
35Koinex846853705.86100% Long ago
36ACX831426497.7100% Long ago
37CoinEx Market830088880.21100% Long ago
38Coinsquare829543997.5466.26% Long ago
39Braziliex814863877.14100% Long ago
40TradeOgre802313361.6100% Long ago
41BitcoinTrade793993984.67100% Long ago
42InfinityCoin Exchange787447477.13100% Long ago
43Abucoins787128464.94100% Long ago
44Bleutrade782943882.36100% Long ago
45Mr. Exchange751397095.68100% Long ago
46Coinbe750327545.94100% Long ago
47BitShares Asset Exchange738183881.55100% Long ago
48Koinim736983883.5100% Long ago
49Buda721923361.6100% Long ago
50CoinCorner709213775100% Long ago