ETH/BTC market

The exchange rate of ETH to BTC, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 171 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkEthereum
Coin2 Name LinkBitcoin
Volume Usd2087639668
Exchanges qty171
Avg Price235.559


Full list and rating of exchanges trade Ethereum for the Bitcoin.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1Fatbtc166849031186.4521.43% Long ago
2BitMart151965139188.9624.14% Long ago
3Bilaxy132438446189.0826.85% Long ago
4DOBI Exchange127868587188.9922.26% Long ago
5DOBI trade115977978188.2818.39% Long ago
6IDAX10947192118915.14% Long ago
7IDCM96791756189.111.08% Long ago
8LATOKEN95303604189.0212.54% Long ago
9LBank77527142188.8712.97% Long ago
10Cryptonex73507516189.2228.18% Long ago
11Coineal67998228188.978.58% Long ago
12CoinBene666525571898.55% Long ago
13Bibox63860746189.038.55% Long ago
14TOKOK51001793189.0319.12% Long ago
15ZB.COM47772905188.927.5% Long ago
16Simex42547530189.5116.81% Long ago
17Biki36235965188.955.49% Long ago
18BITKER34522253189.026.15% Long ago
19Dcoin31189927189.0511.03% Long ago
2055 Global Markets31151895189.016.59% Long ago
21Hotbit31117727188.824.99% Long ago
22BW28870978140.525.97% Long ago
23Binance23719312189.032.91% Long ago
24BCEX23447381216.64.81% Long ago
25Exrates22217956188.996.06% Long ago
26BitForex20625180188.93.22% Long ago
27Bit-Z199604111893.42% Long ago
28OKEx18568486193.682.07% Long ago
29KuCoin18379958185.873.4% Long ago
30Coinsbit17187450188.9912.84% Long ago
31HitBTC15705332193.432.88% Long ago
32DigiFinex15592961189.092.28% Long ago
33Hubi14223719188.967.3% Long ago
34CoinEgg14026207189.353.56% Long ago
35P2PB2B13490989189.053.83% Long ago
36VinDAX11333318190.044.34% Long ago
37Bitrabbit10634614188.9910.41% Long ago
38CoinEx10370669185.892.24% Long ago
39CoinTiger10249358193.81.41% Long ago
40Huobi9060338189.811.43% Long ago
41Huobi Global8647449188.991.41% Long ago
42RightBTC8625497188.881.63% Long ago
43Chaince7449254192.8911.08% Long ago
44BigONE5651576189.094.22% Long ago
45Upbit4505873131.31.12% Long ago
46Bitrue3701315188.946.78% Long ago
47Coinbase Pro3659842184.741.23% Long ago
48Hanbitco3617419189.4835.09% Long ago
49WhiteBit3423308188.9827.01% Long ago
50Cryptology3285787188.7840.67% Long ago