BCH/BTC market

The exchange rate of BCH to BTC, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 83 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkBitcoin Cash
Coin2 Name LinkBitcoin
Volume Usd305060410
Exchanges qty83
Avg Price325.323


Full list and rating of exchanges trade Bitcoin Cash for the Bitcoin.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1OKEx55551293391.715.44% Long ago
2P2PB2B34989306161.977.97% Long ago
3RightBTC34475395427.8230.93% Long ago
4DigiFinex31957768434.068.19% Long ago
5LBank29786003162.255.5% Long ago
6Bit-Z23597868452.2210.28% Long ago
7BitForex15406318161.952.58% Long ago
8Bitfinex13892100286.724.58% Long ago
9BitMart7276998161.32.18% Long ago
10Fatbtc7035522141.441.96% Long ago
11GBX Digital Asset Exchange6260459435.9730.09% Long ago
12CoinTiger5058574391.47.46% Long ago
13Exrates4999919439.1411.49% Long ago
14Upbit3420331189.090.66% Long ago
15HitBTC3225338368.271.21% Long ago
16UEX2968616161.992.32% Long ago
17Bibox2788277162.290.48% Long ago
18IDCM2615122308.691.71% Long ago
19Bittrex2279991156.325.85% Long ago
20Poloniex1808449398.731.63% Long ago
21GDAX1605623163.222.24% Long ago
22Kraken1590918193.20.93% Long ago
23CoinEgg1466369408.352.75% Long ago
24Huobi1444728158.430.28% Long ago
25Trade By Trade1205956524.3324.71% Long ago
26Coinbase Pro1116246156.192.42% Long ago
27B2BX1050031346.673.58% Long ago
28OEX583112146.760.13% Long ago
29Gate.io491890551.641.74% Long ago
30Kucoin465117447.441.5% Long ago
31Qryptos454073560.190.39% Long ago
32Allcoin429105157.530.43% Long ago
33Bitlish393049145.921.77% Long ago
34Bitinka379182586.613% Long ago
35Exmo378499161.412.09% Long ago
36Bitstamp304517158.750.83% Long ago
37Mercatox291150402.924.57% Long ago
38C2CX214929397.651.62% Long ago
39Livecoin189291157.581.57% Long ago
40Coinsquare174470305.962.08% Long ago
41Bitrabbit158255161.952.48% Long ago
42bitFlyer145059247.560.13% Long ago
43Cryptology128620162.491.97% Long ago
44Vebitcoin121631162.593.44% Long ago
45Bitsane118244163.132.1% Long ago
46Liquid93909512.310.08% Long ago
47Bitrue89012242.220.83% Long ago
48CPDAX71761160.362.98% Long ago
49Coindeal49498157.410.57% Long ago
50BiteBTC45018403.260.32% Long ago