BCH/BTC market

The exchange rate of BCH to BTC, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 100 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkBitcoin Cash
Coin2 Name LinkBitcoin
Volume Usd518323747
Exchanges qty100
Avg Price358.028


Full list and rating of exchanges trade Bitcoin Cash for the Bitcoin.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1OKEx55551293391.715.44% Long ago
2LBank52728303263.712.32% Long ago
3RightBTC38200008263.884.86% Long ago
4DigiFinex32382839313.22.67% Long ago
5Bibox27493628313.992.97% Long ago
6LATOKEN25355939263.863.61% Long ago
7CoinEx24547448251.282.11% Long ago
8BitForex23808186404.531.56% Long ago
9Bit-Z23597868452.2210.28% Long ago
10Huobi Global20298338228.521.54% Long ago
11BiKi18213473237.761.85% Recently
12Bitrabbit16838675263.989.49% Long ago
13Folgory15767763263.5910.07% Long ago
14BitMart14950957263.852.1% Long ago
15Bitfinex13892100286.724.58% Long ago
16P2PB2B13681478229.542.89% Long ago
17Fatbtc11390548266.070.92% Long ago
18Hubi7154910263.910.76% Long ago
19Coinbase Pro7137641315.291.34% Long ago
20GBX Digital Asset Exchange6260459435.9730.09% Long ago
21HitBTC6165179220.111.42% Long ago
22PayBito5261722262.429.63% Long ago
23CoinTiger5058574391.47.46% Long ago
24Exrates4999919439.1411.49% Long ago
25Huobi4847164233.420.73% Long ago
26Coinall3563418413.620.58% Long ago
27WhiteBit3522642263.917.01% Long ago
28Upbit3420331189.090.66% Long ago
29Bithumb Singapore3170745262.4721.57% Long ago
30IDCM2615122308.691.71% Long ago
31Bitstamp2610719315.61.03% Long ago
32CoinMex2076393304.381.79% Long ago
33Poloniex1808449398.731.63% Long ago
34ExtStock1779157258.173.02% Long ago
35Kraken1590918193.20.93% Long ago
36CoinEgg1466369408.352.75% Long ago
37BHEX1436588431.281.75% Long ago
38BitMax1303362293.680.01% Long ago
39Trade By Trade1205956524.3324.71% Long ago
40Bittrex1191810251.663.32% Long ago
41Bitrue1118271411.81.9% Long ago
42OKEx Korea1081790228.634.49% Long ago
43Exmo1066035477.91.83% Long ago
44Coinbit795904212.561.03% Long ago
45GDAX561349228.130.53% Long ago
46Huobi Korea500687336.481.97% Long ago
47Gate.io491890551.641.74% Long ago
48Kucoin465117447.441.5% Long ago
49Qryptos454073560.190.39% Long ago
50Livecoin397217262.991.48% Long ago