BCH/BTC market

The exchange rate of BCH to BTC, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 66 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkBitcoin Cash
Coin2 Name LinkBitcoin
Volume Usd147793859
Exchanges qty66
Avg Price519.476


Full list and rating of exchanges trade Bitcoin Cash for the Bitcoin.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1HitBTC28146178477.817.27% Long ago
2OKEx20265755477.972.33% Long ago
3Huobi17551227492.631.34% Long ago
4Allcoin12065505466.116.14% Long ago
5Bit-Z10420309478.016.45% Long ago
6DigiFinex8138988479.243.33% Long ago
7UEX6438445478.4815.03% Long ago
8Exrates5508078484.0213.06% Long ago
9Bitfinex5385139768.761.13% Long ago
10RightBTC5213596478.378.58% Long ago
11Bibox3843894497.660.95% Long ago
12BtcTrade.im2388142445.6218.28% Long ago
13Bittrex2005371489.681.62% Long ago
14CoinEgg1861304474.15.88% Long ago
15CoinTiger1706321478.475.2% Long ago
16Kraken1533198626.12.1% Long ago
17Trade By Trade1443133484.146.92% Long ago
18Trade By Trade1438255482.56.9% Long ago
19Coinbase Pro1400440632.41.43% Long ago
20CPDAX1269267478.97.42% Long ago
21IDCM1061442488.950.95% Long ago
22Bitinka1004484482.943.47% Long ago
23Poloniex906297477.91.26% Long ago
24Instant Bitex878049486.0811.23% Long ago
25B2BX764441495.862.95% Long ago
26Livecoin745883478.513.82% Long ago
27Gate.io491890551.641.74% Long ago
28Bitstamp476481646.260.91% Long ago
29Liquid454956416.650.39% Long ago
30Exmo414217455.641.54% Long ago
31Bitsane370463478.784.36% Long ago
32GDAX347297480.90.4% Long ago
33ChaoEX318395478.425.82% Long ago
34Kucoin317845522.551.89% Long ago
35Mercatox301129483.654.05% Long ago
36Coinhub187215478.642.08% Long ago
37CEX.IO139884427.731.63% Long ago
38Cryptopia86934431.522.15% Long ago
39BigONE83562708.640.01% Long ago
40C2CX67698436.850.33% Long ago
41Coindeal61110482.751.32% Long ago
42WEX41812537.643.77% Long ago
43BiteBTC39950634.90.46% Long ago
44Coinsquare38880479.060.41% Long ago
45Zaif34725478.760.09% Long ago
46Tidex300751272.190.17% Long ago
47OTCBTC16152475.863.49% Long ago
48bitFlyer15321480.030.04% Long ago
49CryptoBridge13298454.450.9% Long ago
50Crex2413075446.553.15% Long ago