ETC/USDT market

The exchange rate of ETC to USDT, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 35 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkEthereum Classic
Coin2 Name LinkTether
Volume Usd397969526
Exchanges qty35
Avg Price6.726


Full list and rating of exchanges trade Ethereum Classic for the Tether.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1BitForex739059087.622.95% Long ago
2DigiFinex478665977.292.51% Long ago
3Binance377294837.833.3% Long ago
4CoinBene353478076.952.79% Long ago
5BITKER290851186.163.47% Long ago
6IDCM249375877.613.48% Long ago
7OKEx248985225.772.44% Long ago
8ZB.COM193611167.82.45% Long ago
9BKEX181326057.423.48% Long ago
10Huobi Global152666236.091.99% Long ago
11HitBTC103860264.152.51% Long ago
12CoinTiger102451267.851.01% Long ago
13IDAX93219126.950.77% Long ago
14Huobi80707707.280.72% Long ago
15Dcoin69405656.932.79% Long ago
16CHAOEX50981283.992.55% Long ago
17CoinMex34848984.312.03% Long ago
18BW26563664.530.32% Long ago
19Bibox21024876.941.56% Long ago
20DragonEX20355904.091.31% Long ago
21ABCC19531697.453.12% Long ago
22BW.com16702797.510.12% Long ago
23Bittrex158867613.922.73% Long ago
24TOKOK15618456.941.48% Long ago
25Hubi12310006.140.84% Long ago
26Gate.io10308485.211.8% Long ago
27Poloniex9051867.854.63% Long ago
28BHEX4267146.91.88% Long ago
29Cat.Ex3463536.034.42% Long ago
30Huobi (HBUS)1449867.852.74% Long ago
31Bitrue876373.940.99% Long ago
32C2CX654006.931.18% Long ago
33HBUS623557.241.53% Long ago
34ProBit Exchange199996.390.96% Long ago
35Coinut45176.9710.97% Long ago