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Price Usd0.101879
Change 1h 0.11%
Change 24h 10.5%
Change 7d -5.51%
Price Btc0.000027
Volume Usd 24h1417
Market Cap Usd1749531
Available Supply17172688
Total Supply17172688
Max Supply0
Proof TypePoW/PoS
Fully PreminedNo

Fiat currencies

#MarketCurrencyExchanges qtyVolume Usd
1AUR/ISKIcelandic Krona88685299


#MarketCurrencyExchanges qtyVolume Usd

Auroracoin - crypto currency, capitalization of which is 1749531 dollars. Auroracoin uses the PoW/PoS mining system PoS/LPoS which involves using simultaneously or separately 2 mechanisms of blockchain Proof of Stake and Proof of Work

For transaction validation, used Scrypt hash function. Auroracoin symbol for using at crypto exchanges is AUR. Over the past 24 hours, the Auroracoin rate has rose by 10.5% and amounted to 0.101879 USD or 2.688E-5 BTC, which indirectly indicates the strengthening of positions, compared to Auroracoin quotes yesterday.