BTC/CLP market

The exchange rate of BTC to CLP, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 45 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkBitcoin
Coin2 Name LinkChilean Peso
Volume Usd2641473
Exchanges qty45
Avg Price7516.09


Full list and rating of exchanges trade Bitcoin for the Chilean Peso.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1Bitinka79219810889.81.32% Long ago
2Buda13818710515.287.82% Long ago
3Buda12802310450.384.02% Long ago
4SouthXchange795506528.93100% Long ago
5TDAX789446454.61100% Long ago
6Rfinex782506746.02100% Long ago
7Mr. Exchange762566619.67100% Long ago
8CryptoMarket7589210591.548.3% Long ago
9BitFlip755526618.96100% Long ago
10Bitsane725486625.25100% Long ago
11Bitstamp (Ripple Gateway)640866365.74100% Long ago
12Bleutrade638586337.63100% Long ago
13Nocks498807701.5100% Long ago
14Abucoins484017540.55100% Long ago
15Crex24479556762.57100% Long ago
16TradeOgre454456337.63100% Long ago
17Paradex408657105.25100% Long ago
18Token Store408506791.26100% Long ago
19ezBtc393547997.73100% Long ago
20Bitex.la385156667.61100% Long ago
21BitcoinToYou371896812.28100% Long ago
22Coinbe350607811.79100% Long ago
23DDEX344607565.74100% Long ago
24Cryptohub285567668.05100% Long ago
25CRXzone274506657.51100% Long ago
26Braziliex268936820.45100% Long ago
27ExcambrioRex263786786.1100% Long ago
28Coinsecure262556768.5100% Long ago
29Cryptox257257566.41100% Long ago
30OKCoin.cn213426776.19100% Long ago
31Paymium213116776.19100% Long ago
32Coinrate164847388.36100% Long ago
33cfinex144607816.12100% Long ago
34Bit2C114767968.48100% Long ago
35Stronghold109518002.01100% Long ago
36Dgtmarket108118000.33100% Long ago
37RuDEX108118000.33100% Long ago
38Bisq105647565.85100% Long ago
39Tux Exchange100197867.82100% Long ago
40Tripe Dice Exchange92747968.46100% Long ago
41TCC Exchange81707414.9100% Long ago
42ISX75887716.83100% Long ago
43Bitlish62597633.62100% Long ago
44Novaexchange50797700.07100% Long ago
45Coinhouse42657633.62100% Long ago