EOS/BTC market

The exchange rate of EOS to BTC, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 82 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkEOS
Coin2 Name LinkBitcoin
Volume Usd564339186
Exchanges qty82
Avg Price3.87817


Full list and rating of exchanges trade EOS for the Bitcoin.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1Bibox739812793.364.97% Long ago
2Hotbit598730483.3610.17% Long ago
3CoinBene381128934.032.74% Recently
4Coinsuper372387533.363.7% Long ago
5OKEx285698682.682.75% Long ago
6Huobi244427932.963.7% Long ago
7RightBTC231474684.483.38% Long ago
8Huobi Global208764652.983.77% Long ago
9ZB.COM208136145.862.78% Long ago
10IDCM156388433.363.81% Long ago
11Fatbtc155075553.232.02% Long ago
12Binance151277312.590.83% Long ago
13BitForex148172592.791.9% Long ago
14BigONE142138123.077.84% Long ago
15BITKER123201833.652.2% Long ago
16DOBI Exchange112913733.373.39% Long ago
17Coineal110599213.370.81% Long ago
18Bit-Z103894812.681.01% Long ago
19LBank95237494.081.63% Long ago
20CBX95085122.752.87% Long ago
21Cat.Ex76209722.752.69% Long ago
22Dcoin66819082.790.69% Long ago
23Hubi64776452.681.13% Long ago
24BitMart62802703.110.8% Long ago
2555 Global Markets60736953.350.67% Long ago
26HitBTC57288512.571.25% Long ago
27BiKi49229992.590.37% Long ago
2855.com45854623.370.53% Long ago
29Coinall45200613.375.35% Long ago
30DigiFinex40917232.490.93% Long ago
31BW.com37619217.020.47% Long ago
32BKEX36315603.360.38% Long ago
33Chaince31086992.943.81% Long ago
34CoinMex29979433.113.13% Long ago
35BitMax26068327.70.15% Long ago
36BW23931803.720.39% Long ago
37CoinEx21916482.571.09% Long ago
38Bitrue21770072.752.71% Long ago
39DragonEX19885273.751.04% Long ago
40Gate.io19045708.991.86% Long ago
41Kraken18415373.261.09% Long ago
42Bitfinex17821872.962.42% Long ago
43Iquant16075864.653.79% Long ago
44Kryptono12588873.273.24% Long ago
45Bittrex10840183.741.54% Long ago
46OKEx Korea10783923.374.56% Long ago
47KuCoin9397652.912.58% Long ago
48Hanbitco9040353.375.05% Long ago
49Omgfin7734073.434.76% Long ago
50Exmo7589418.262.14% Long ago