BTC/JPY market

The exchange rate of BTC to JPY, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 85 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkBitcoin
Coin2 Name LinkJapanese Yen
Volume Usd2666985389
Exchanges qty85
Avg Price6708.49


Full list and rating of exchanges trade Bitcoin for the Japanese Yen.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1Liquid2047327219192.8983.71% Long ago
2Bit-Z15839200010633100% Long ago
3Qryptos1062675076583.3591.73% Long ago
4Lbank954618008752.97100% Long ago
5TOPBTC949525986290.81100% Long ago
6Bibox916823008324.66100% Long ago
7Kraken914322066305.73100% Long ago
8Coinbase Pro912549336297.26100% Long ago
9ZB.COM830842007398.57100% Long ago
10DragonEX824729426288.71100% Long ago
11Coinsuper738950007396.36100% Long ago
12CoinTiger725127176287.15100% Long ago
13bitFlyer694164649262.4899.5% Long ago
14BitForex650685006776.85100% Long ago
15Bitstamp636950366268.08100% Long ago
16Simex553381007725.36100% Long ago
17Bittrex519490186213.48100% Long ago
18FCoin519219756943.47100% Long ago
19Gate.io465218376160.84100% Long ago
20EXX442248636376.81100% Long ago
21IDCM402030286288.63100% Long ago
22Exrates392399185717.66100% Long ago
23BitMart389742616578.87100% Long ago
24DOBI trade294636008195.58100% Long ago
25Tokenomy256357786406.85100% Long ago
26Bitbank256103749230.2328.36% Long ago
27OEX229980726995.75100% Long ago
28WEX193355008265.44100% Long ago
29CoinBene185023006171.36100% Long ago
30Gatecoin157463626575.72100% Long ago
31Iquant138705013531.1100% Long ago
32UEX138049873602.32100% Long ago
33Coinall136187863622.84100% Long ago
3455 Global Markets135908913629.57100% Long ago
35LocalTrade131360943829.82100% Long ago
36CHAOEX130732883990.67100% Long ago
37OOOBTC128767693602.39100% Long ago
38BitShares Asset Exchange126655006166.25100% Long ago
39Bitibu124861518604.18100% Long ago
40Allbit118185563837.9100% Long ago
41fex115651007447.5100% Long ago
42Huobi (HBUS)107089477127.87100% Long ago
43Cryptonex106848537022.35100% Long ago
44Neraex106410118016.77100% Long ago
45BigONE104270828502.39100% Long ago
46OceanEx104084707714.55100% Long ago
47MBAex104035058682.48100% Long ago
48BTCBOX102333029250.64100% Long ago
49BtcTurk102333029250.64100% Long ago
50OKCoin102122738156.73100% Long ago