XMR/BTC market

The exchange rate of XMR to BTC, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 41 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkMonero
Coin2 Name LinkBitcoin
Volume Usd175482187
Exchanges qty42
Avg Price260.538


Full list and rating of exchanges trade Monero for the Bitcoin.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1DigiFinex5283357484.853.82% Long ago
2Huobi Global4206235696.282.88% Long ago
3IDCM3311633174.615.92% Long ago
4Dcoin17393518105.474.14% Long ago
5CHAOEX778021844.273.89% Long ago
6Binance4685480165.30.35% Long ago
7HitBTC4610320120.571.39% Long ago
8Exrates370588086.911.01% Long ago
9DragonEX287078569.312.15% Long ago
10Bittrex141585293.632.59% Long ago
11Bitfinex124979275.421.5% Long ago
12Kraken103216182.360.99% Long ago
13Huobi58474069.230.05% Long ago
14CROSS exchange44478975.370.49% Long ago
15Poloniex40882873.162.87% Long ago
16Exmo282658224.540.34% Long ago
17Upbit158640164.680.03% Long ago
18BTC-Alpha13596499.42.18% Long ago
19Trade By Trade12782770.662.59% Long ago
20Livecoin9882253.810.81% Long ago
21Gate.io58385229.970.08% Long ago
22OKEx49805166.720.01% Long ago
23Tokenomy4302874.47.84% Long ago
24Crex244104489.163.81% Long ago
25STEX40499118.621.62% Long ago
26Bisq2580376.5371.84% Long ago
27Trade Satoshi1641274.6318.03% Long ago
28Waves Decentralized Exchange842875.364% Long ago
29Coindeal826271.410.09% Long ago
30BitBay8174176.860.03% Long ago
31TradeOgre472975.9410.14% Long ago
32CryptoBridge322268.912.6% Long ago
33OVEX243776.714.83% Long ago
34Tokens.net143984.150.74% Long ago
35Coinut137288.682.14% Long ago
36SouthXchange112168.531.95% Long ago
37Mercatox6512986.130.07% Long ago
38Braziliex29992.070.41% Long ago
39Octaex2464107.620.07% Long ago
40OpenLedger DEX2068.040.41% Long ago
41HBUS1068.80.01% Long ago