XRP/CNY market

The exchange rate of XRP to CNY, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 106 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkXRP
Coin2 Name LinkChinese Yuan
Volume Usd49001067
Exchanges qty106
Avg Price0.467803


Full list and rating of exchanges trade XRP for the Chinese Yuan.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1Fatbtc253965250.2730682.53% Long ago
2Independent Reserve14260701.06100% Long ago
3LiteBit.eu13963201.06100% Long ago
4Trade By Trade11044600.815936100% Long ago
5CryptoBridge9584190.608003100% Long ago
6Allcoin9347090.606878100% Long ago
7Neraex9139150.886969100% Long ago
8OEX8885840.859392100% Long ago
9LATOKEN8272470.635224100% Long ago
10Crex247167870.399385100% Long ago
11Bitbns6460820.658054100% Long ago
12Stocks.Exchange6415590.585692100% Long ago
13CoinFalcon5178320.366067100% Long ago
14BL3P5161040.386673100% Long ago
15QBTC5157260.520388100% Long ago
16Stronghold4282160.493439100% Long ago
17BitShares Asset Exchange4198390.490119100% Long ago
18The Rock Trading3989380.521237100% Long ago
19Simex3915780.947371100% Long ago
20Altcoin Trader3658210.460274100% Long ago
21Sistemkoin3655800.511233100% Long ago
22Rfinex3627910.406788100% Long ago
23CoinExchange3371240.450617100% Long ago
24Unocoin3348190.591535100% Long ago
25xBTCe3183400.323741100% Long ago
26ACX3027290.4041100% Long ago
27Coinsecure2809450.48575100% Long ago
28Kuna2692540.508922100% Long ago
29BitMarket2658730.505431100% Long ago
30Coinfloor2656700.567312100% Long ago
31Bitkub2647090.503889100% Long ago
32Coinbe2496490.577845100% Long ago
33IDAX2483460.498062100% Long ago
34OasisDEX2218620.325581100% Long ago
35Bitonic2174720.560969100% Long ago
36TDAX2159960.530099100% Long ago
37Mercado Bitcoin1854750.584769100% Long ago
38Tidebit1786620.390392100% Long ago
39Bitlish1670120.496683100% Long ago
40Waves Decentralized Exchange1643330.55291100% Long ago
41WazirX1573030.505317100% Long ago
42Coinrate1552260.704913100% Long ago
43CoinCorner1550540.405372100% Long ago
44Kyber Network1417320.370204100% Long ago
45Bilaxy1385420.568417100% Long ago
46CoinMate1373900.497825100% Long ago
47BitcoinTrade1350070.486319100% Long ago
48TradeOgre1305210.289457100% Long ago
49LocalTrade1211110.36487100% Long ago
50Bitinka1203320.710883100% Long ago