NLG/EUR market

The exchange rate of NLG to EUR, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 131 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkGulden
Coin2 Name LinkEuro
Volume Usd5345697
Exchanges qty131
Avg Price0.0498419


Full list and rating of exchanges trade Gulden for the Euro.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1Trade By Trade3592540.146464100% Long ago
2RightBTC3475520.138365100% Long ago
3QBTC2287470.106058100% Long ago
4TradeOgre1275820.037827100% Long ago
5EtherDelta1262210.174008100% Long ago
6CoinCorner1231150.03805100% Long ago
7Stellar Decentralized Exchange1208000.091922100% Long ago
8Crex241193910.088659100% Long ago
9Coinhub1148480.039531100% Long ago
10Stocks.Exchange1135800.053584100% Long ago
11InfinityCoin Exchange1088280.088892100% Long ago
12Tidebit1073380.032484100% Long ago
13Waves Decentralized Exchange1063840.035781100% Long ago
14Coinall1043630.025987100% Long ago
15Iquant1035720.025118100% Long ago
16Paradex1010730.105011100% Long ago
17Coinbe1001580.08903100% Long ago
18Braziliex945660.035436100% Long ago
19Trade Satoshi919710.066988100% Long ago
20Buda904960.017007100% Long ago
21Coinroom869080.025458100% Long ago
22RippleFox846190.031534100% Long ago
23Graviex840870.031008100% Long ago
24RuDEX823050.022952100% Long ago
25ETHEXIndia816210.165144100% Long ago
26Escodex764020.017622100% Long ago
27CoinEx Market741590.026957100% Long ago
28CryptoMarket720750.019088100% Long ago
29Lendconnect683840.089376100% Long ago
30Mr. Exchange652580.080777100% Long ago
31Bittylicious626090.025684100% Long ago
32Rfinex623290.118019100% Long ago
33Koinex612520.032073100% Long ago
34DOBI trade607800.072099100% Long ago
35Kyber Network607210.055841100% Long ago
36OKCoin International593200.035325100% Long ago
37ACX591480.0712100% Long ago
38Bilaxy580660.03626100% Long ago
39BCEX555370.14292100% Long ago
40Bisq551000.021535100% Long ago
41OpenLedger DEX516350.025342100% Long ago
42Zebpay497800.023955100% Long ago
43Gatehub437310.014456100% Long ago
44Bithesap435890.02601100% Long ago
45OasisDEX426070.104523100% Long ago
46OEX417060.095711100% Long ago
47Stellarport416060.063167100% Long ago
48SouthXchange391700.020615100% Long ago
49BTC Trade UA318400.023466100% Long ago
50Bitibu310760.022292100% Long ago