BTC/EUR market

The exchange rate of BTC to EUR, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 209 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkBitcoin
Coin2 Name LinkEuro
Volume Usd256648745
Exchanges qty209
Avg Price4770.69


Full list and rating of exchanges trade Bitcoin for the Euro.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1Cryptonex684307413919.0218.32% Long ago
2Lbank160943007448.51100% Long ago
3Kraken150729373888.8818.57% Long ago
4CoolCoin136087007324.83100% Long ago
5TOPBTC120202007686.6100% Long ago
6Bitfinex70662903996.343.47% Long ago
7Coinbase Pro58001213894.326.45% Long ago
8GDAX57114673897.348.14% Long ago
9CoinsBank53903083893.4517.58% Long ago
10Vebitcoin47455106983.99100% Long ago
11Bitstamp44858393897.517.4% Long ago
12Bitinka43484173949.695.32% Long ago
13GetBTC36783906650.2633.28% Long ago
14Exrates35256413922.222.38% Long ago
15C2CX33852208260.19100% Long ago
16RightBTC32884908320.11100% Long ago
17BitGrail29030808305.94100% Long ago
18BTC-Alpha28813007011.63100% Long ago
19OEX28601109221.2100% Long ago
20BCEX27801206597.1100% Long ago
21Exmo21006294100.5911.19% Long ago
22InfinityCoin Exchange19288805839.58100% Long ago
23ChaoEX19248206394.15100% Long ago
24QBTC19186306398.28100% Long ago
25Mercatox17847307330.74100% Long ago
26CoinEx17595807329.18100% Long ago
27TDAX16976673412.97100% Long ago
28Fatbtc16435508249.2100% Long ago
29Coinall15972243366.34100% Long ago
30Bitsane15834283885.6423.42% Long ago
31BtcTrade.im15605174420.99100% Long ago
32Foxbit14291505839.29100% Long ago
33Cryptology13909623888.5721.66% Long ago
34Cryptopia13451203896.14100% Long ago
35Ovis12804623685.58100% Long ago
36Cobinhood12464807314100% Long ago
37LATOKEN12310508268.95100% Long ago
38CoinEx Market11737447335.47100% Long ago
39BuyUcoin11314809085.98100% Long ago
40COSS10922213893.67100% Long ago
41Trade By Trade10483508349.56100% Long ago
42Altcoin Trader9907653859.93100% Long ago
43Bancor Network9684413798.74100% Long ago
44Neraex9380198829.08100% Long ago
45OKCoin9195783675.25100% Long ago
46Bitibu9142353786.06100% Long ago
47BitcoinTrade8898093914.71100% Long ago
48Bitso8792313401.83100% Long ago
49Coinbe7959123407.31100% Long ago
50Sistemkoin7267996950.43100% Long ago