ETH/USD market

The exchange rate of ETH to USD, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 101 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkEthereum
Coin2 Name LinkU.S. Dollar
Volume Usd678802445
Exchanges qty101
Avg Price449.745


Full list and rating of exchanges trade Ethereum for the U.S. Dollar.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1CEX122302000703.016.3% Long ago
2P2PB2B115845521147.345.73% Long ago
3RightBTC70936789301.757.91% Long ago
4BitAsset61987853187.3915.39% Long ago
5Coinsbit60200191192.1718.24% Long ago
6Exrates52118630184.828.5% Long ago
7Cryptonex28079085185.224.29% Long ago
8Bitinka2521182217922.64% Long ago
9Coinbase Pro15593522185.694.84% Long ago
10Coinsuper11934851185.561.19% Long ago
11Bitfinex10658019185.655.65% Long ago
12Tidebit10137243182.5422.91% Long ago
13Kraken7218760185.764.12% Long ago
14GDAX6859660171.716.46% Long ago
15Sistemkoin6484761169.042.18% Long ago
16Alterdice5742959185.3220.47% Long ago
17Simex5207837185.955.58% Long ago
18ExtStock4273518180.927.27% Long ago
19Coinsquare4069030830100% Long ago
20QBTC4016640832100% Long ago
21IDEX3952640835100% Long ago
22Coinhub3719273215.5910.38% Long ago
23Bitstamp3587520185.871.65% Long ago
24PayBito3009393183.915.51% Long ago
25AidosMarket2983620842100% Long ago
26BL3P2526120895100% Long ago
27CoinEx2526120895100% Long ago
28Mercado Bitcoin2306600800100% Long ago
29ChaoEX2306600800100% Long ago
30Coinfloor2306600800100% Long ago
31Altcoin Trader2088680892100% Long ago
32Koinim1811630850100% Long ago
33itBit1713916185.558.06% Long ago
34Exmo1672695185.45.96% Long ago
35CryptoBridge1016530864100% Long ago
36WhiteBit994295177.491.44% Long ago
37OKCoin956590186.073.33% Long ago
38CoinMate945376856100% Long ago
39Gemini820526185.934.72% Long ago
40BitcoinToYou812984875100% Long ago
41Liquid808955184.670.26% Long ago
42Binance US798193185.334.64% Long ago
43CoinField733014186.013.34% Long ago
44TDAX643228814100% Long ago
45SurBTC643228814100% Long ago
46Fargobase643228814100% Long ago
47OEX643228814100% Long ago
48Ripple China643228814100% Long ago
49OKCoin International637520183.1822.12% Long ago
50Stellar Decentralized Exchange573622788100% Long ago