BTC/USD market

The exchange rate of BTC to USD, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 233 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkBitcoin
Coin2 Name LinkU.S. Dollar
Volume Usd2342783390
Exchanges qty233
Avg Price4602.69


Full list and rating of exchanges trade Bitcoin for the U.S. Dollar.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1CEX1818280009249.39.37% Long ago
2OEX1710415704639.03100% Long ago
3TOPBTC1428282814439.93100% Long ago
4Simex1185547813890.3954.97% Long ago
5Cryptonex1084191763917.2829.03% Long ago
6BitMart885059803801.22100% Long ago
7Coinsuper754640883887.2730.28% Long ago
8CoinTiger738702673674.98100% Long ago
9Bitfinex68670610399633.7% Long ago
10Gate.io634332853709.78100% Long ago
11DragonEX568776474897.55100% Long ago
12CoinEgg511283984200.22100% Long ago
13LATOKEN497749233684.41100% Long ago
14Sistemkoin493502563697.61100% Long ago
15RightBTC470504933927.9935.37% Long ago
16P2PB2B416779683901.811.58% Long ago
17FCoin376328346428.06100% Long ago
18Coinbase Pro365778563886.4940.67% Long ago
19Bitstamp323942533887.5853.45% Long ago
20Bibox319422006840.77100% Long ago
21OOOBTC318938406449.08100% Long ago
22Exrates30275659390020.46% Long ago
23BiteBTC274798574398.1221.47% Long ago
24GDAX274065603890.0139.04% Long ago
25Allcoin242406133974.3100% Long ago
26Bilaxy225237733786.43100% Long ago
27LocalTrade219875713996.212.15% Long ago
28Fatbtc216130263975.91100% Long ago
29CHAOEX206211783950100% Long ago
30Hotbit198550033779.86100% Long ago
31Kraken197667303888.324.35% Long ago
32Poloniex192188893270.33100% Long ago
33Bgogo185436103872.18100% Long ago
34CoinMex183515503867.74100% Long ago
35B2BX183167593826.81100% Long ago
36DOBI trade179066007963.79100% Long ago
37Kryptono173569773882100% Long ago
38ABCC168413833329.37100% Long ago
39fex163063757788.1100% Long ago
40Trade By Trade156906513622.1100% Long ago
41IDCM154697684084.54100% Long ago
42Coinbe149018153632.4100% Long ago
43Bitrue136838613737.47100% Long ago
44Zaif133763096287.66100% Long ago
45BTCBOX127868383674.09100% Long ago
46HADAX111055895536.26100% Long ago
47Gemini102911313889.5568.5% Long ago
48UEX100947123521.71100% Long ago
49CoinEx96502513449.75100% Long ago
50C2CX96048725522.48100% Long ago