LTC/BTC market

The exchange rate of LTC to BTC, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 109 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkLitecoin
Coin2 Name LinkBitcoin
Volume Usd1681438091
Exchanges qty108
Avg Price116.552


Full list and rating of exchanges trade Litecoin for the Bitcoin.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1DOBI trade28359065186.6312.64% Long ago
2CoinEgg252812131134.6522% Long ago
3DOBI Exchange247661146134.5420.56% Long ago
4HitBTC123611629134.4210.89% Long ago
5Fatbtc119173447135.7110.66% Long ago
6DigiFinex107977689134.517.55% Long ago
7IDAX63183315134.525.53% Long ago
8P2PB2B60445048134.617.69% Long ago
9CoinBene51694602134.544.32% Long ago
10OKEx50887136134.53.4% Long ago
11Binance39327514136.651.94% Long ago
12RightBTC36867427136.926.28% Long ago
13CoinTiger33282751136.552.86% Long ago
14LBank29007662133.013.09% Long ago
15CHAOEX28703114134.527.19% Long ago
16Bit-Z27405936134.532.92% Long ago
17IDCM1451786773.394.63% Long ago
18Huobi Global12954284101.811.52% Long ago
19Stocks.Exchange1158464386.5359.43% Long ago
20Coinbase Pro7961624134.472.37% Long ago
21GDAX7953905133.292.14% Long ago
22Exrates6708846134.478.38% Long ago
23Coinsbit6175209134.548.14% Long ago
24BtcTrade.im6164409135.6554.13% Long ago
25Huobi606467287.420.54% Long ago
26STEX4767907133.936.1% Long ago
27Kraken3761511133.391.74% Long ago
28Bitfinex3536068136.611.56% Long ago
29BW353267757.350.51% Long ago
30BitMax2870207133.080.06% Long ago
31Bitbank2317940134.412.57% Long ago
32CoinEx1958842136.712.74% Long ago
33Bitstamp1933074136.530.91% Long ago
34Livecoin1792321133.558.81% Long ago
35Coinsquare1788280134.6918.37% Long ago
36Iquant175335272.274.14% Long ago
37Trade By Trade167739187.797.56% Long ago
38YoBit1637940134.84% Long ago
39Poloniex1620261134.234.25% Long ago
40CoinMex150821534.292.28% Long ago
41Sistemkoin150069132.992.69% Long ago
42Bittrex1446422134.652.4% Long ago
43BHEX930896134.622.04% Long ago
44ExtStock874794134.043.11% Long ago
45Bitibu764001131.276.36% Long ago
46Exmo619233134.392.11% Long ago
47KuCoin39228072.781.76% Long ago
48Gemini291935134.80.97% Long ago
49BigONE290963134.51.91% Long ago
50C2CX260299133.273.28% Long ago