LTC/BTC market

The exchange rate of LTC to BTC, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 141 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkLitecoin
Coin2 Name LinkBitcoin
Volume Usd907823629
Exchanges qty141
Avg Price65.4225


Full list and rating of exchanges trade Litecoin for the Bitcoin.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1DOBI Exchange13295933465.224.85% Long ago
2CoinEgg10735831056.6916.75% Long ago
3Coineal8196188056.7814.92% Long ago
4Bilaxy5411221556.855.65% Long ago
5OKEx3960850457.062.33% Long ago
6BiKi3013074556.783.55% Long ago
7Fatbtc2917471755.943.25% Long ago
8P2PB2B2732143056.373.7% Long ago
9Bibox2555166856.773.32% Long ago
10IDAX2216060356.782.76% Long ago
11IDCM2169546456.744.11% Long ago
12CoinBene2018091556.782.3% Long ago
13Binance1882529885.981.71% Long ago
14Huobi Global1789106774.442.89% Long ago
15LATOKEN1670584857.711.78% Long ago
16CoinTiger1571523574.631.97% Long ago
17DigiFinex1473988355.282.33% Long ago
18LBank1338692059.341.23% Long ago
19Coinsuper1330008156.7910.79% Long ago
20HitBTC1295385957.711.76% Long ago
2155.com1262947656.773.17% Long ago
22CoinEx1154307556.411.9% Long ago
23Cat.Ex1127235156.432.41% Long ago
24Hotbit1092325256.661.51% Long ago
25BITKER1040515470.254.15% Long ago
26Coinsbit1040272657.274.42% Long ago
27BitMart914078498.311.44% Long ago
28Exrates819816171.751.48% Long ago
29RightBTC745261856.781.32% Long ago
30BigONE674222357.763.78% Long ago
31Coinbase Pro643211778.632.79% Long ago
32Coinall592197656.7415.88% Long ago
33VinDAX497226357.091.65% Long ago
34CHAOEX488109656.792.49% Long ago
35Bitrabbit487490356.743.26% Long ago
36Stocks.Exchange433961356.8233.54% Long ago
37STEX415195056.9333.21% Long ago
38Bit-Z413384655.270.58% Long ago
39TOKOK391696256.781.25% Long ago
4055 Global Markets381988473.041.44% Long ago
41BW353267757.350.51% Long ago
42Hubi344677856.781.28% Long ago
43KuCoin297798173.265.26% Long ago
44BitMax2870207133.080.06% Long ago
45BtcTrade.im258235455.4140.18% Long ago
46Sistemkoin217708264.381.22% Long ago
47Bitrue206127857.692.05% Long ago
48Huobi201674258.080.31% Long ago
49BHEX200618756.81.43% Long ago
50YoBit183523856.867.74% Long ago