LTC/BTC market

The exchange rate of LTC to BTC, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 121 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkLitecoin
Coin2 Name LinkBitcoin
Volume Usd663259760
Exchanges qty121
Avg Price52.4793


Full list and rating of exchanges trade Litecoin for the Bitcoin.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1OKEx7083865748.629.09% Long ago
2DOBI Exchange6447810748.6519.37% Long ago
3Coineal6370121051.1312.97% Long ago
4DOBI trade6058623548.8318.47% Long ago
5DigiFinex3938183448.617.79% Long ago
6P2PB2B3690099448.6810.26% Long ago
7Bit-Z3287874948.657.49% Long ago
8IDAX2936446248.656.44% Long ago
9HitBTC2751608148.665.97% Long ago
10CoinEgg1929014748.314.56% Long ago
11CHAOEX1818351048.647.24% Long ago
12Binance1767208643.422.6% Long ago
13Huobi Global1539572546.614.44% Long ago
14CoinBene1493855148.643.05% Long ago
15RightBTC1405470848.8410.56% Long ago
16Exrates1242046449.368.39% Long ago
17Fatbtc1229986449.542.81% Long ago
18Coinsuper1212501648.654.87% Long ago
19IDCM1092808048.614.4% Long ago
20BW1084285243.482.95% Long ago
2155 Global Markets1061784248.647.38% Long ago
22LBank636092633.262.37% Long ago
23Xena Exchange579516948.2911.52% Long ago
24Huobi566932848.621.2% Long ago
25STEX42602804940.74% Long ago
26Stocks.Exchange403723449.5939.54% Long ago
27Iquant383119248.134.89% Long ago
28CoinTiger311153148.651.57% Long ago
29Bitfinex299441251.431.45% Long ago
30TOPBTC278715654.413.12% Long ago
31Bibox238365548.640.54% Long ago
32Bitinka236918643.24.2% Long ago
33BtcTrade.im227505848.344.23% Long ago
34CoinMex150821534.292.28% Long ago
35Sistemkoin150069132.992.69% Long ago
36Kraken1465820131.210.85% Long ago
37Poloniex135336948.6412.03% Long ago
38Bitstamp120351951.411.65% Long ago
39Coinbase Pro117655148.651.31% Long ago
40GDAX105713848.611.51% Long ago
41CoinsBank91762448.622.99% Long ago
42Bittrex86413551.262.73% Long ago
43Bitlish85467148.853.99% Long ago
44Trade By Trade83297851.314.97% Long ago
45Trade By Trade83103951.195.22% Long ago
46YoBit77348648.773.68% Long ago
47Livecoin75980548.517.37% Long ago
48Bitrabbit68141548.639% Long ago
49Coinsquare66271948.719.11% Long ago
50BitMax63035046.580.09% Long ago