ETC/BTC market

The exchange rate of ETC to BTC, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 64 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkEthereum Classic
Coin2 Name LinkBitcoin
Volume Usd395516700
Exchanges qty64
Avg Price6.89187


Full list and rating of exchanges trade Ethereum Classic for the Bitcoin.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1Coineal997823154.837.28% Long ago
2LBank341416309.363.8% Long ago
3Bibox288929875.923.05% Long ago
4BITKER258502446.710.32% Long ago
5RightBTC255741128.434.9% Long ago
6Bit-Z243693687.173.15% Long ago
7CoinEgg188655184.862.4% Long ago
8DigiFinex149143834.193.39% Long ago
9Bitfinex1400202016.972.26% Long ago
10OKEx134855764.562.78% Long ago
11CoinBene128455969.31.08% Recently
12Huobi Global110383087.171.34% Long ago
13Coinsbit93475784.852.83% Long ago
14BW58085864.180.81% Long ago
1555 Global Markets51036494.810.56% Long ago
16Hubi50253247.171.86% Long ago
1755.com49454034.840.57% Long ago
18MXC46105224.230.43% Long ago
19CHAOEX34439014.271.72% Long ago
20BiKi32481923.860.24% Long ago
21P2PB2B31811753.850.16% Long ago
22Bithumb Singapore26342044.8417.92% Long ago
23ZB.COM251692813.570.87% Long ago
24HitBTC24024204.190.52% Long ago
25IDCM23821566.221.59% Long ago
26Kraken192378013.981.79% Long ago
27BHEX17199904.850.82% Long ago
28Binance15271683.860.08% Long ago
29Bitrabbit14278134.840.81% Long ago
30CoinTiger13521554.210.15% Long ago
31Coinall10557274.931.42% Long ago
32BtcTrade.im10492694.8518.23% Long ago
33Bittrex9434917.23.93% Long ago
34WhiteBit9077264.831.81% Long ago
35CoinEx8698444.20.43% Long ago
36Huobi7535894.620.11% Long ago
37Coinsuper6927314.090.33% Long ago
38Coinbase Pro67358111.740.63% Long ago
39Exmo65251319.342% Long ago
40Folgory6168174.840.39% Long ago
41Cat.Ex2381369.320.31% Long ago
42Poloniex2072476.771.92% Long ago
43Upbit17532313.580.03% Long ago
44GDAX940264.530.09% Long ago
45Stocks.Exchange768774.560.64% Long ago
46Tokenomy536876.096.89% Long ago
47Gate.io4563822.040.06% Long ago
48BTC-Alpha336055.081.28% Long ago
49CPDAX270699.432.15% Long ago
50YoBit261506.920.07% Long ago