ETH/USDT market

The exchange rate of ETH to USDT, the number of exchanges and the total market capitalization at 94 exchanges.

Coin1 Name LinkEthereum
Coin2 Name LinkTether
Volume Usd3146449364
Exchanges qty94
Avg Price207.502


Full list and rating of exchanges trade Ethereum for the Tether.

#ExchangeVolume UsdPriceVolumeUpdated
1Bilaxy172381713190.1334.95% Long ago
2LBank154579198188.4425.86% Long ago
3Coineal135327423188.5817.07% Long ago
4BCEX120845685193.6724.81% Long ago
5BitMart119175466188.5918.93% Long ago
6BW.com117916185188.6820.96% Long ago
7MXC114064536188.6114.46% Long ago
8CoinTiger110778346188.516.7% Long ago
9IDAX107742262188.6114.9% Long ago
10BITKER101811019188.1318.15% Long ago
11IDCM98452200188.611.27% Long ago
12Dcoin97626679188.634.52% Long ago
13CEX95491600703.844.92% Long ago
14BW94739179140.3319.59% Long ago
15LATOKEN91759729188.6712.08% Long ago
16Bitinka89923860211.8752% Long ago
17DOBI Exchange83430398188.6514.52% Long ago
18Bibox80731292188.6610.81% Long ago
19DOBI trade70800103187.6711.23% Long ago
20Hotbit70180892188.8511.26% Long ago
21Huobi64317341189.7410.13% Long ago
22CoinBene63654149188.698.16% Long ago
23Huobi Global62520134188.6510.2% Long ago
24BKEX62466073193.1512.15% Long ago
25Biki50946571188.637.72% Long ago
26DigiFinex48174525188.647.03% Long ago
27VinDAX47537485189.6718.2% Long ago
28CoinEx47357140188.659.18% Long ago
29BitForex45052547188.627.04% Long ago
30Fatbtc43398625192.545.58% Long ago
31Bit-Z40273622185.954.66% Long ago
32KuCoin39949441188.638% Long ago
33OKEx37518602188.664.95% Long ago
3455 Global Markets34748586188.717.35% Long ago
35HitBTC34296798188.616.36% Long ago
36Exrates30598544188.998.34% Long ago
37Binance30405202188.63.72% Long ago
38TOKOK30042387188.6111.26% Long ago
39Kryptono21682007188.5926.03% Long ago
40Bitrabbit19582976188.4919.17% Long ago
41Bithumb Global19543198188.9416.11% Long ago
42Hubi18119481188.69.3% Long ago
43ZB.COM16559381193.922.13% Long ago
44CoinEgg15436404217.353.28% Long ago
45BHEX14380910188.5921.22% Long ago
46DragonEX12121094188.924.84% Long ago
47BigONE6873054188.655.13% Long ago
48P2PB2B5473927188.831.56% Long ago
49Chaince5169903192.637.69% Long ago
50CoinMex4927415188.644.92% Long ago